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Team Parent Resources

Thank you for participating as a team parent for your child's team this season. You will find everything that you will need to know on this page to assist you in with your team parent duties. 

List of Responsibilities

  1. Help communicate between coaches and parents.
  2. Make team roster/snack schedules if you have chosen to do snacks.
  3. Make team banner or flag (or have it made)
  4. Organize team for picture day.
  5. Field duties
  6. Organize team pizza parties.
  7. Responsible for coaches awards, etc. at the end of the season.

The following pages offer suggestions that will assist you in getting through the above-mentioned responsibilities without any problems. It really is fun and easy. Remember that there are lots of parents willing to help; so don’t be afraid to ask.

Regional Staff Members are here to support you in your efforts. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Once again, thank you for volunteering your time for our kids.


It is very important for the coaches and you to have good communication. Some coaches want things done a certain way, others give you free reign. You are their most important asset to the team, and coach. Generally, a coach will have the team parent do most of the communication. You can split the list with another parent to make it easier. Supplying the parents with a team letter that includes important dates, game times, snack schedules, parties, team news, etc. is less time spent on the phone. Communication between the league and your team is also very important and done via e-mail or text messages.

Team Roster / Snack Schedule

First, you need to create a team roster. This is a must when it comes to keeping your parents informed. It should include the player’s name, parents’ names, phone number, game dates, game times and snack dates. You will also want to list the coach’s phone number and your phone number separately. Next, generate a snack schedule. Be sure to assign a day for each parent to provide a snack for the players. A helpful hint is to print up a reminder for whoever is due to bring snacks the upcoming Saturday and give it that parent’s child after practice. Another option is to call them to remind them because the kids look so forward to those snacks. Water, juice, sport drinks, and fruit are the norm for the half-time break. Sugary drinks should be discouraged. It is a good idea to find out if any children on the team have any allergies to certain foods such as peanut butter. Remember safety first. Snacks after the game are provided at your discretion. These snacks should not be sugary snacks. Remember these kids just played very hard and giving them sugary snacks will not allow for the best recovery of their bodies. Please also remember that there are many parents who do not want their children to have sugary snacks at all. Trash bags, paper towels, and ice are also a good idea.

Banners or Flags

A team banner or flag is something that the kids always enjoy having. It also add to the look for your team picture. However, it is up to each teams discretion if they want to have one. Please be mindful of the diversity of your team and make sure that your banner or flag is reflective of that. Most teams would like to have their banner or flag ready by picture day so get your orders in early. There are a number of local, and online, businesses that can make them for you. 

You may collect up to $15 to $20 from each family to put towards the banner/flag and coaches gifts. Please don't forget to include your team sponsor name on your banner.


It is your responsibility for having your team ready and on time for pictures. The team should be lined up from shortest to tallest and be ready 30 minutes prior to their scheduled time for things to run smoothly. If they are not ready, the next “ready” team will be taken. Every player must fill out a form for picture day regardless of whether or not you are purchasing additional photo items. These forms are extremely important. Your team will not be considered ready for pictures if each and every player does not have a completed form. If a player does not have a form, there will be forms available that day, but everything will run much smoother and faster if all forms are completed before your team arrives.

Field Duties

Equipment set-up is the responsibility of both the home and visiting teams playing the first game of the day. Make sure that either the coach and/or parents arrive early to set up the field when you have an 8:00 a.m. game. You may want to assign a parent to come early to the games when your team is the first to play that day to help with this. Assign a parent to stay a couple minutes over to take-down after the last game of the day as well. Take-down is the responsibility of the teams playing the last game of the day. Each team is responsible for keeping their sidelines picked up of trash after EVERY game. It is a great job assigned to a sibling. It makes them feel included. Just be sure to remind them of their duties.

Team Parties

 Plan early, and always make reservations. Pizza places get very busy this time of year, especially towards the end of the season. Typically some pizza places will have a team discount if the team wears thier uniforms. All other family members will be responsible for themselves. 

Coach Awards, Etc.

Coach awards should come out of the money you collected for the team. If you only collected $10.00 at the beginning of the season to cover banner and team expenses, then you can collect some money for the coaches gifts. Please try not to go over $15.00 per family for the season. 

REMINDER – You do not need to purchase individual trophies or medals for your players. The league will be providing trophies or medals based on thier age division. 


An effective way to get all of your parents involved is to have them volunteer for some of the smaller, less complicated jobs that take less time when broken down separately. Here are a few suggested job descriptions:

> Banner Maker - One time volunteer to make or be responsible for getting it made.

> Banner Carrier - Responsible for transporting, setting up and taking down the banner at the games and picture day.

> Field Set-Up - Sets up field for the first game of the day OR take down for the last game of the day.

** Involve as many parents as possible. It makes your job easier and encourages volunteers for next season

**Don’t let yourself get discouraged. You are doing this for your child as well as the rest of the team.

** NOTE – There are NO NAMES ALLOWED on AYSO uniforms, nor are they to be altered in any way!

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